IFICE is made up of 6894 unique frames, with each image derived from 22 larger sequences. Digital artifices and memories shared amongst collectors.

Each IFICE token serves as a ticket that can only ever be claimed once. Claiming enables access to a digital viewing room, where you can experience a short montage that connects every frame of your ticket's associated sequence. Each frame is only used in a single sequence; each sequence has unique visual characteristics and contains a different number of images. Like fireworks, they are fleeting explosions of digital artifacts.

After this single viewing, the ticket survives as a standalone artwork. Its metadata identifies whether it has been redeemed, as well as its position inside its particular sequence. It persists as a memento experentia, a fully tradable souvenir of a past experience. A lost frame in time.

The viewing room will open on Jan. 7, 2022, after which point tickets can be redeemed at any time (or left preserved in their unused state). You can acquire as many tickets as you like, but each can only be used once. For every batch of 10 you mint, you get 1 extra.

In between minting (Jan. 1, 2022) and the opening of the viewing room (Jan. 7, 2022), more information regarding metadata and the evolving nature of IFICE tokens will be revealed.

1 x 0.03 ETH = 0.03 ETH